Unlock Leverage and Lower Risk with Portfolio Margining


The number of DEXs on Solana are growing, and so are the users on it. Whenever a new protocol launches, it attracts a flock of users — institutional and retail traders — who want to increase their portfolio’s exposure to the latest DeFi instruments and derivatives.

The Curious Case of Missing Liquidity

While the number of protocols (and users) increasing may feel like a benefit, in the long run, it causes the amount of liquidity available to traders to decrease.

Elevating Your Trading Experience

Spreading your capital across multiple protocols leads to two issues:

  • Bad user experience for the trader; no one wants to constantly transfer capital between protocols to settle and change positions

Portfolio Margining with Xenon

Xenon’s Margin Accounts and cross-protocol composability helps you supercharge your DeFi game.

The Road Ahead

With portfolio margining, a single account can trade millions in notional value with just a couple thousand dollars (leverage FTW) — and this is just scratching the surface on what derivative composability can achieve.



Universal Margin Protocol built on Solana @ https://xenon.so

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